Transit Cop’s Triumphant Return: He Brings Trouble’ Heralds New EP After 17-Year Hiatus


Transit Cop has made a big return with their new EP “Shake Out Your Sorrow.” The band, from Cheltenham, UK, last released music 17 years ago. Their new song, “He Brings Trouble,” came out on May 17, 2024. This song is the first from their new EP, which will be out on October 4, 2024.

Transit Cop is made up of five members: Guy Lewis (lead vocals and guitar), Marcus Attwood (bass guitar and guitar), Andy Brotherton (drums), Russ Mulligan (guitar), and Paul Richards (keyboards and synths). They are known for their high-energy music, mixing indie rock and post-punk styles. They became popular quickly in 2007 with sold-out shows and great reviews. But then, the band took a long break because of life events. They never officially broke up and always hoped to come back.

Now, Transit Cop is back. They looked at their old songs and updated them for today’s listeners. Their new EP shows how they have grown but still keeps their original style. “He Brings Trouble” has the intense and honest sound that fans love.

Guy Lewis, the lead singer, thinks now is a good time for their music. He believes that without so many guitar bands around, their music can stand out more.

In summary, Transit Cop’s return is exciting news for their fans. Their new song and EP promise to bring back their powerful music. Fans can look forward to more songs this year. Transit Cop is back and ready to shine again.



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