Inspiring Faith: A Review of JL Lowry’s Debut Album The Devil Never Wins



JL Lowry, a singer and songwriter, has released his first album called “The Devil Never Wins!” This album includes 10 original Christian songs. He made this album with his daughter, Avery, who plays the piano. The album came out on May 4, 2024, and you can find it on many music platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

The songs in this album are very inspiring. They have strong messages about faith and belief in God. Each song has a unique style but all of them focus on Christian themes. The title track, “The Devil Never Wins!”, is very powerful and sets the tone for the whole album.

Another song, “The Prophet From Of Old,” talks about the wisdom of ancient prophets. “Rise Up! Rise Up! Mighty Men of Valor” is a call to action for believers to stand strong in their faith. “Jesus Loves To Hear His Name” is a joyful song celebrating the love of Jesus.

“In My Weaknesses I Am Strong” reminds us that God gives us strength even when we feel weak. “His Bow of Colors” talks about God’s promises and His love for us. “The Time Has Arrived” speaks about the importance of the present moment and living a faithful life now.

“Will You Be There On That Day” asks listeners to reflect on their faith and readiness for the future. “We Are God’s Church” emphasizes the unity and strength of the Christian community. The final song, “When They Say Impossible,” is about believing in miracles and the power of faith.

JL Lowry also wrote a book with the same title, “The Devil Never Wins!” This book tells the stories and scriptures behind each song. It is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Overall, “The Devil Never Wins!” is a beautiful and uplifting album. JL Lowry and his daughter, Avery, have created something very special that will inspire many people.

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