Solar Bloom reflects on how we communicate in a song titled “This Tiny World” which was inspired by his cat


The new dreampop single “This Tiny World” by Solar Bloom was released on Friday, September 29. This is his debut single,out in 2023 after he had some time to hone his own brand of indie music.

 “This Tiny World”,is a song behind multi-instrumentalist,Matt DeVoti. Human Zoo, Sarah and the Safe Word, and Machinery of the Human Heart are just a few of the bands that Solar Bloom is connected to through their shared admiration for and participation in performances by the underground sensation Will Wood.

In a world overrun by lousy pop culture, this group of art-pop producers and videographers has found an eager audience hungry for excellence in music. Solar Bloom, inspired by the forward-thinking tones of Stereo Lab, created “This Tiny World” with a witty production technique, blending digital and analogue instruments, intricate guitar riffs, and layers of reverb-drenched vocals.

The central theme of “This Tiny World” is a deep dive into the study of non-verbal communication, both between animals and humans and among humans themselves.
Solar Bloom says, “I was sitting with my cat and thinking, ‘I feel like I understand this little creature so well, but how can that be when we don’t even speak the same language?'” This thought process led to the song’s genesis. It made me realise how much of our interaction with people, and even with my cat, is nonverbal.

In This Tiny World, I delved into this concept by visualising a cat having a conversation with its owner as a method to show the variety of nonverbal ways in which people can show their affection for one another.

The song is largely inspired by my cat, Max. The first tune was rapidly made digitally. Producer Joey Papa turned up the volume, added live drums, and generally improved the sound after the demo was finished. Before working with Joey at Sonoma Beach Studios in New Jersey, DeVoti records the vocals in his home studio to get the demo sounding precisely how he wants it to. Mastering for “This Tiny World” was handled by Joe Lambert, who has been nominated for a Grammy.

Matt DeVoti, a relative newcomer to the burgeoning independent music industry, is the creative force behind the musical project known as Solar Bloom. DeVoti is a multitalented artist, composer, and producer known for his signature blend of digital and analogue sounds. Solar Bloom, who draws inspiration from many different sources, makes beautiful soundscapes that will appeal to followers of Tame Impala.

Listen to “This Tiny World” on Spotify:

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