Madame Psychosis band releases a new song titled “Concrete Streets”


 Madame Psychosis, a band from Toronto who play alternative rock and indie pop, have just released a new song called “Concrete Streets” in honour of the coming of autumn.
The song is a rousing, gritty call to arms to ditch the 9-to-5 and focus on one’s own mental health.
Union Sound Company in Toronto is where “Concrete Streets” was recorded, and Alex Gamble was the mixer.

Originally composed at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the song reveals the struggle to attain work-life balance with powerful vocals, rich harmonies, great melodies, and heartbreaking lyrics.

Michelle Mondesir, the band’s main singer and lyricist, states, “We all strongly believe in the importance of getting away from the concrete jungle and instead diving into the serenity of nature. We should all make more of an effort to reflect on our own individual interests and rekindle our enthusiasm for living.”

Madame Psychosis made their initial splash in 2017 with the publication of their debut self-titled album. The track “Space Motorcycle” was chosen by Alan Cross, host of the worldwide syndicated show The Ongoing History of New Music, for his weekly Top 11 Playlist.

Madame Psychosis’ 2019 sophomore album, Survivor, was met with acclaim upon its release. According to RX Music, “the band sound better than ever, with memorable hooks that reward repeated listens, and an elevated chemistry fans will appreciate.” Madame Psychosis are focusing on promoting “Concrete Streets” and recording their third studio album for a 2024 release after playing at Canadian Music Week, Brampton Pride, and Durham Pride this summer.

Listen to “Concrete Streets” on Spotify:

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