Review: John Korbel’s “Falling Feels Like Flying”


John Korbel’s “Falling Feels Like Flying,” the latest album, is a collection of soulful jazz tunes in which Korbel’s vocal and songwriting skills are at the center of the listener’s attention. This album exhibits Korbel as a new and fresh voice among professionals of jazz.

The very opening sounds of the record bring about a sense of eternal melodies, mature musical arrangements and extraordinary performances. The svelte and creamy tone of Korbel’s vocals compliment every one of the songs, adding emotional depth to every lyric.

Among the songs on the album, the one that stands out is definitely the song titled “First Christmas Loving You” which indeed lays the foundation for the rest of the journey. By teaming up with the skilled session keyboardist and producer, Mark Falchook, Korbel delivers a melody that is not only emotional but thrilling as well.

In the course of the whole work, Korbel covers a lot of topics, from metropolis romance to flying euphoria. Every track is a lesson in storytelling, as Korbel’s lyrics are abstractly painting scenes of love, the yearning, and self-discovery.

The production of “Falling Feels Like Flying” is top-notch as each instrument is meticulously created to create an immersive and rich listening experience. Exploitation of the live drummer by the tracks deepens the sound even more and improves it.

One of the main specialties of the album is that it is able to represent the soul of the Orlando’s thriving jazz culture. His music has its roots in musicians like those from Disney and Cirque du Soleil and Universal Studios and he transmits all this energy and life into his music that is really catching.

Finally, “Falling Feels Like Flying” is a success for John Korbel and a must hear for those who are into jazz music. The album, with its moody melodies, genuine lyrics and exceptional production hit all right notes making Korbel a star in rising jazz music.


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