Discover “Cover Me” Single by Jimmy Mallia


Jimmy Mallia, an emerging singer-songwriter with a Folksy twist to his sound, invites listeners to dive into his soul and see the world through his eyes. With a lifetime of experiences shaping his music, Mallia has release his newest single, “Cover Me.”

“Cover Me” is a compelling and explosive track that offers a glimpse into the mind of a man who simply desires solitude. It takes on a first-person narrative, portraying a character undergoing psychiatric evaluation, yearning to remain undisturbed in his current state.

While “Cover Me” may initially sound uplifting, Mallia clarifies that it carries a heavy and somewhat melancholic undertone. The song explores the sentiment of finding contentment in solitude, symbolized by the sounds of a storm raging outside—an apt metaphor for the tumultuous emotions within.

Though the song is not autobiographical, Mallia draws from his own struggles with depression and alcoholism, infusing authenticity into his music. Now in recovery, Mallia is actively involved in his community, extending a helping hand to those battling addiction and mental health challenges.

Through “Cover Me,” Mallia aims to shed light on the reality of mental illness, emphasizing its prevalence and the importance of understanding and compassion. Following the release of this single, Mallia looks forward to sharing more of his personal experiences with fans, exploring themes beyond addiction and mental illness while staying true to his heartfelt storytelling approach.

Stream below.

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