Rafaèlla embraces authenticity, empowers women with self-expression in “Rennaicance”


Embarking on a new creative chapter, Rafaèlla is embracing her authenticity, crafting songs that empower women and celebrate self-expression.

Her new single of no doubt.
In “Renaissance” she blends elements from the West and the Middle East to create a harmonious sounds of both darkness and light.

With its mellifluous yet confident vocals, alternative pop ambiance, and an intriguing incorporation of Greek Cypriot traditional instruments like the bouzouki, combined with Middle Eastern melodies, “Renaissance” leaves a delectable and tantalizing impression on any listener.

Rafaèlla, hailing from Cyprus, brings a unique background to her music. With her roots deeply entrenched in the island’s cultural heritage, the 25-year-old artist began her musical journey at an early age, sharing the stage with her father.

Her experiences encompass diverse musical theater performances and engagements in both television and radio.

Now based in London, Rafaèlla stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist in early 2020 with her debut single “Nobody Knows,” followed by the poignant pop anthem “Broken.”

Garnering worldwide attention through press, radio, and podcasts, she elevated her presence with the emotionally charged debut album “sincerely, me:” in 2021.

This concept album delves into the various stages of post-breakup emotions. The album’s success led her to make her television debut on Cypriot National TV and grace numerous London stages, including the iconic Hard Rock Cafe.

This phase also marks her exploration of her cultural roots, as she introduces traditional Greek instruments and melodies into her music for the very first time.

This evolution underscores Rafaèlla’s artistic versatility and her determination to chart an innovative and fearless musical path.

Listen below.


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