Presenting “One More Sinner” by We The Least: A Divine Beacon of Hope


In the stormy seas of life, where waves of misfortune and challenge might swamp us, “One More Sinner” by We The Least is like a lighthouse showing the path of God’s help. Graceful in its melody and powerful in its message, this song captures the essence of our deepest longing as Christians: that they can be effective carriers of God’s love and a mirror of His image.

It is a song with the base in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), and comes with the theme that every believer is invited on this journey (which is universal). The tune of the music rings with feelings of unworthiness, a longing to be on God the way you are and the sense that salvation is through God’s grace only. Every chord is a prayer and every lyric is an entreatment; together they carve a path to be trodden by “one additional sinner” to find consolation and salvation in Jesus.

The way the melody of We The Least stands out is not just because of its superb composition but it is also due to the paradox it expresses of the feeling of not being of any great importance in God’s overall design while knowing that our prayers can resound throughout infinity. This song questions our part to be the vessels of His glory, whichever way we might do it, whether we are spreading His grace everywhere in this world or not.

Just shut your eyes and let…”One More Sinner” sweep you away. Rest Assured that as with the refreshing feeling brought by its flowing beautiful tune, may it be a gentle reminder of His unending grace and faithfulness that covers us completely. It may be a pillar to your soul and yours of others, leading a return of home to our loving Father in Heaven.

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