“KISS ME KILL ME” by Bonbon Noir: A Haunting Journey into the Macabre

**”KISS ME KILL ME” by Bonbon Noir: An Aberrant Sojourn into the Grisly*

Brace yourself for the expedition into the dark and unknown world of Bonbon Noir, as they set their latest number entitled, “KISS ME KILL ME.” Basing on their musical style, which is a blend of psychedelic rock and the fictional realm of their novel, Bonbon Noir, unmistakably, takes the audience for an exciting cinematic experience.

The unforgettably atmospheric chorale arrangement of the four ghostly characters of Bonbon Noir spirits are back again, mixed perfectly by Jim Diamond, known for his work with the likes of The White Stripes and The Sonics. “KISS ME KILL ME” by Bonbon Noir is a love song on a macabre note which is as piercing as the chorus of a sinking ship. He paints desolation of utmost despair and longing.

The reoccurring and hypnotic loop of the tune transports the listener into the dubiousness of BANG BANG BAR of Twin Peaks which in turn generates a feeling of uncertainty and curiosity. The magical notes are so heart-stopping that you’re held in an intoxicating embrace of their sonic universe.

The psychedelic rock genre pretty much defines or characterizes them, as they perform a show that is both chilling and mesmerizing at the same time. Their musical mix of dreamy instrumentation and ghostly vocals creates a possessive element that features long after the ultimate fade out.

“KISS ME KILL ME” is indeed more than just a song—it is a travel deep into the human mind where love and darkness become strangely connected with a hug. With this enchanting-single, Bonbon Noir persuades listeners to immerse themselves in the shadows and then discover the secret places.

Thus, turn the light downwards, close your eyes and let yourself drift away into cathartic tunes of “KISS ME KILL ME” and let Bonbon Noir to take her on a journey of a life time.

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