Moments Of My Life: Indy Fontaine’s Bilingual Debut of Love and Longing


Indy Fontaine, a Cuban singer-songwriter, has released her debut album “Moments Of My Life.” The album is available on all digital platforms and features 11 tracks in both Spanish and English. Each song tells a story of love, desire, and personal experiences. Indy explores different genres like Soft Rock, R&B, Easy Listening, and Indie Pop. This album is very important for Indy as it showcases her talent and marks the first time she sings songs she has written herself.

Indy wrote all the songs on the album and was also the executive producer. She worked with Mike Fahey, who helped with production, engineering, and mixing. Beth Cohen co-produced some of the English songs, and Pete Lyman mastered the album. Out of the 11 songs, 10 are originals written by Indy over two years. She had a clear idea of how she wanted each song to sound and directed the production to match her vision.

The album’s main track, “Eres Luz,” is about a long-distance relationship. It features soothing piano, meticulous drums, and a sultry saxophone. Indy sings passionately about the anticipation and desire that come with being apart from a loved one. The song beautifully captures the joy and longing of a deep connection.

Indy’s album also highlights her multi-instrumentalist skills, including playing the flute. The piano throughout the album is played by Jon Rose, a well-known accompanist who has worked with artists like Jon Secada and Julio Iglesias. The album includes previously released singles like “Devil in Angel Skin,” “El Amor No Alcanza,” and “Is This Love,” which have been played on radio stations around the world.

Indy recently performed at Havana’s Teatro Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba, and the show was sold out. She also released her first album in physical format as a gift to her homeland, Cuba. Through “Moments Of My Life,” Indy Fontaine shares a personal and musical journey, reflecting her diverse influences and showcasing her exceptional talent.



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