A!MS Returns with a Multi-Genre Summer Anthem: House On The Beach


A!MS is back with a new summer hit called ‘House On The Beach,’ released on May 24th. This song is one of his best yet, blending different music styles from the early 2000s to today. It features UK Garage vibes, drill-inspired drums, and a strong grime bass-line. ZieZie, a popular UK rapper, adds a great verse to the track.

The song has a Mediterranean guitar in the background and an uptempo chorus. It’s a mix of different decades, making it feel both nostalgic and modern. The music video is also impressive, created by a team of talented people, including Grammy winners Cool & Dre, A!MS’ regular beat maker Michelin Shin, and additional production from Hypertone. The song also features vocals from Aisa and lyrics from AV Allure.

A!MS says ‘House On The Beach’ tells a story about the ups and downs of love. It’s about the uncertainty that can make us feel both sane and insane. A!MS is known for his unique style of UK Rap with a Mediterranean twist. He makes his music in Cyprus, bringing a sunny vibe to his songs.

Besides his music, A!MS is a well-known cultural figure in his region. He owns the popular Wave Pool Parties, which return this summer on June 23rd. These parties offer a special experience, engaging all the senses with sound, sight, touch, and even smell. A!MS will use his own OUD scent during the shows.

‘House On The Beach’ follows previous singles like ‘Self Esteem’ and ‘OUD,’ which received support from big names like GRM Daily and Wonderland Mag. ‘OUD’ was unique because it was released with its own fragrance, making it a multi-sensory experience.

Overall, A!MS has created a fantastic summer anthem with ‘House On The Beach.’ It’s a mix of past, present, and future sounds, making it a highlight of his career.




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