Marina Bennett unleashes her new single titled “Wandering Naked”


Marina Bennett’s raw and immensely hypnotic vocals set “Wandering Naked” apart as a mournful yet seductive mid-tempo dark pop tune, making it an ideal autumnal listen.

In this stunning song, she displays her talent as a songwriter by delving into the emotions of jealousy, obsession, and anxiety that arise from questioning whether or not the object of one’s affection feels the same way. As Marina’s mind wanders, she becomes increasingly vulnerable and fascinated, and the song’s aural landscape transports the listener there.

“Wandering Naked” has a continuous pulse like a heightened heartbeat and vibey piano, as well as darker synth tones and a persistent hypnotic kick, all of which are topped off with deep and soaring vocals to create an eerie, spacious atmosphere. Listening to the refrain “You’ve got me wandering naked” causes the person to question whether or not she will ever break free of the spell that has been cast on her.

and songwriter Marina Bennett teamed together with fellow Canadian Producer Julien Renvoise to develop the sound concept for “Wandering Naked”.
It was expertly mixed by Renvoise and mastered by Nicholas Di Lorenzo. Marina wanted the music to feel raw just like anxiousness, jealousy and obsessive thoughts-boiling up inside of you till they take you over entirely. Marina draws from a wide range of emotions that allow her to express herself with such sensitivity and strength, and she enjoys playing with the light and the dark in the thoughts behind her songs.

Marina’s song “Wandering Naked” made it to the semifinals of the International Songwriting Competition in 2022, beating out label artists and publishers from all around the world. On November 3rd, “Wandering Naked” was made accessible via all streaming services.

Bennett is getting ready to release her debut EP in early 2024, titled “Wandering Naked,” and to tour in support of the album and its title track.
She welcomes the opportunity to participate in media.

Listen to “Wandering Naked” on Spotify:

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