Greg Bounce rallies behind teachers in his newly released track,”Teacher”


By releasing the shimmering electro-funk track ‘Teacher’ on October 12th, the Lisbon troubadour pays tribute to those who work in the field of education. According to Fame magazine, “contemporary music is breaking all the rules.To suggest that our teachers have a significant impact on our development would be an understatement. Their workload has increased dramatically, but school resources have been cut and teacher compensation has been flat for the past decade or so, at least in the UK.

Greg, whose career puts him in frequent contact with these dedicated workers, exclaims, “Teachers are amazing . They work bloody hard.I bet you can remember your favorite teacher . Most of all,you’re probably who you in some small way because of teacher.They’re  also    undervalued,underappreciated and underpaid. I work with teachers a lot and I’m always reminded of how special they are to us.I wrote “Teacher” to capture this.”

OK, so what’s up with that song? Even if the lyrics are perfect, if the song doesn’t swing, it won’t mean a thing. You need not worry about that. Greg spreads his melodic message over a snappy beat, sparkling arpeggios, and warm keyboard swells on “Teacher,” which is anchored by a hypnotic bassline and is another example of pop-savvy electronica. The chorus vocal hook is a great treat and guitarist Brendan Williams weighs in with a white-hot solo. ‘Teacher’ is a master class in pop perfection.

‘Teacher’ was recorded at Manchester’s Low Four studios an online music TV station, recording studio, venue and bar to which Greg has regularly returned to put down his infectious cuts. Guitarist Brendan Williams, bassist Robin Richards, drummer Andrew Richardson, and pianist Liviu Gheorghe all contributed to the track’s realization. Samuel Jones served as the producer. Abstract graphic designer Jerry-Lee Bosmans from Nijmegen, Netherlands, who works with vivid colors, geometric patterns, and whimsical compositions, designed the cover art for the single.

the question “Who is Greg Bounce?”
Since moving to Lisbon from London in 2020, the city’s laid-back atmosphere and thriving artistic community have inspired Greg Bounce to reach new heights. In addition to his ‘Frango Magic’ EP, Greg has produced a number of smart and catchy singles in the previous few years, the most recent being titled “Teacher.” His ever-growing Spotify numbers, radio plays, and online column inches speak to the fact that his prolific production has captured the eyes and ears of pop connoisseurs all around the world. The artist’s debut album, Brain Movies, will feature a compilation of his stellar set of songs along with many brand new tunes. This collection will showcase the talent, consistency, and range of this up-and-coming songwriter, who is quickly becoming a frontrunner on the electronica scene in Europe.

Listen to “Teacher”on Spotify:

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