Jesus Lift Me Up: A Soulful Celebration of Faith by Jim Vierra and Ron Poindexter


“Jesus Lift Me Up” is a powerful new song by Jim Vierra, featuring Ron Poindexter. Jim Vierra has spent many years making music. He grew up listening to classic rock with his family and later started his own production company called “Fifty Something Records.” This company helped him and others make music in many different styles. Over time, Jim found that Christian music helped him feel closer to his faith.

In “Jesus Lift Me Up,” Ron Poindexter’s voice truly shines. His singing is perfect for gospel music, and his strong, passionate voice leads the song beautifully. The song begins with a lovely piano melody, which fits perfectly with Ron’s voice. The lyrics talk about the deep love and joy people feel for God and Jesus. Ron and the choir sing about their close relationship with God and their desire to walk beside Him always.

The song’s message is about living life with faith and trust in God. It talks about letting go of fear and anger because God is always with us. The music video shows many beautiful scenes of nature, which are described as God’s greatest creations. It also shows people from different backgrounds praying and reflecting on their lives. They appreciate the world God has made, the people around them, and the Bible.

The song reminds listeners to take a moment to thank God for everything. The lyrics and visuals together create a powerful message about faith and gratitude. “Jesus Lift Me Up” is more than just a song; it is an inspiring reminder of God’s presence in our lives and a celebration of His creations. This track is a beautiful addition to Christian music and is sure to touch the hearts of many.



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