Guided Choices: Trusting God with Tomorrows History


“Tomorrows History” by Keith Christ is a profound song about making choices and trusting God with our lives. The song tells a story of how our decisions matter and how God wants to guide us. It encourages listeners to live by God’s truth, justice, and righteousness. The message is clear: talk to God like a friend, listen for His guidance, and read the Bible to understand His ways.

The song ends with a powerful call to action. It urges those who already walk with God to keep trusting Him and stay faithful. For those who don’t know God, it invites them to trust Him with their lives and decisions. Every day brings new choices, and this song reminds us to seek God’s wisdom instead of relying on our own.

“Tomorrows History” speaks about the consequences of our actions. It points out that wrong choices can be repaired if we humble ourselves and repent. However, bad decisions can still cause harm and leave a trail of damage. The song stresses the importance of making choices based on God’s truth and wisdom.

The lyrics caution against judging others and making biased decisions. It highlights that our judgments can hurt others and have long-lasting impacts. The song references Bible verses to support its message, such as Matthew 7:1-3, which warns against criticizing others, and Philippians 4:6-8, which encourages prayer and trust in God.

Overall, “Tomorrows History” is a song that calls for reflection on how we live our lives. It challenges us to consider whether our choices align with God’s will. The song is a reminder that God is always there to guide us if we seek His wisdom and trust Him. The artist’s message is clear and inspiring, making this song a thoughtful and meaningful listen.




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