Idle Tongues has released a new single titled “Hostage”


Idle Tongues  are back with a new single, Hostage, following the success of their debut effort. With the release of Hostage, Idle Tongues hopes to further establish themselves as one of the best new Rock bands in the United Kingdom with its dark and violent sound.

then breaks into a riff with a steady midtempo beat that begs to be headbanged to.
Taking cues from Royal Blood and Muse, it’s grungy and unpolished. The band described their second single, Hostage, as more aggressive and confrontational than their debut single, so they decided to take a more stripped-down approach to the production, putting the emphasis on their high-energy, guitar-driven side of making music and giving lead singer Natalie Allen more room to deliver a distorted, punchy vocal.

The story of Hostage centers on the obsession with a toxic relationship that holds you captive. When your desire for another person is so strong that it makes no difference if they continue to cause you pain. If an opportunity to escape were to offer itself, would you break the chains or stay blinded by the light?

perpetual torment of wanting freedom but not yet being willing to let go is the result of every choice you make.
The song’s themes of longing, pain, desperation, and feeling trapped are meant to transform the listener’s anguish and pain into screams. A breakup is necessary for both parties to move on, and the song “better off dead, but you won’t lay me down to rest” alludes to this fact.

When designing the cover for their latest single, Idle Tongues collaborated closely with Bruno Caesar of Takiis Branding. Bruno was able to portray the brutal beauty of Hostage by drawing on the song’s lyrics and meaning. The second of four songs to be released within the next half a year is titled “Hostage.” The tune was self-recorded, produced, and mixed by the band. Credits: Rhys Hurd, Tyler Harris, Will Keen, and Natalie Allen composed the music. Tyler Harris & Natalie Allen wrote the song’s lyrics. Rhys Hurd and Tyler Harris served as producers. Rhys Hurd did the mastering. Bruno Cásar at Takiis Branding, solo exhibition.

Listen to “Hostage” on Spotify:

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