XINO unveils the next hit: “Superstar”


Gear up for a sonic explosion because X1NO, Abuja’s music prodigy, is about to unleash his latest banger, Superstar. This isn’t just music; it’s a total vibe, a rollercoaster of beats and feels that’s about to hit you right in the feels.

In a world filled with tracks that hit different, X1NO is the maestro stirring emotions and bending genres. Superstar isn’t your regular anthem; it’s a shout-out to gratitude, a lit
celebration of doing you, and a lyrical diary capturing life’s crazy ride.

The beats aren’t just notes; they’re a carefully crafted explosion that traces X1NO’s musical evolution since he caught the music bug at seven, vibing off his own OG, his dad.
Let’s dive into those lyrics – the heartbeat of Superstar. Beyond the catchy beats lies a lyrical narrative spilling the tea on self-empowerment, embracing vulnerability, and finding your rhythm in life’s chaotic symphony. “Me no get strength and energy, me I dey live my way,” X1NO spills, offering a sneak peek into the soul-stirring vibe of Superstar.

This track is more than just music; it’s an invite to experience life’s highs and lows through X1NO’s cool lens. Jump into the convo with #X1NO #XINOSuperstar and mark your calendar for a musical journey that’s not just a party – it’s a whole mood, a revelation, and a testament to the power of being real.

Get ready to catch the wave of the new superstar sound – X1NO is here to redefine what it means to drop the heat.

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