The Margaret Hooligans has released their second single titled “Revenge Of The ScarJo”


Revenge of the ScarJo is the second tune on The Margaret Hooligans’ fourth album, ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll. In “Revenge of the ScarJo,” the characters imagine men being sexually harassed. Starting ScarJo with a terrible drum rhythm and trashy cymbals, Meg Cratty’s vocals taunt you with victim-blaming cliches women have heard for decades. “Equality starts with catcalling but you didn’t like it, did you?” shows the roles have reversed. Drums and passionate crooning vocals evoke a band of powerful predatory ladies.

of the ScarJo is the second of eleven singles to be released  through September 2024, with an album release in October 2024.
 Revenge Of the ScarJo was 
released via streaming services, the band’s website, and Bandcamp on October 24, 2023. It’s accompanying video starred Pete Brock and Ted Pepper from 9 o’clock Nasty which appeared on YouTube on October 24th as well. The Catniss Evergreen-directed video was shot in a gorgeous village outside Leicester,England.
Mr. Strontium mixed and produced Revenge of the ScarJo at Piety Street Publishing, and KRAMER of Shimmy Disc Records mastered it. Meg Cratty sings and plays lead electric guitar and ukulele. Mr. Strontium plays drums, percussion, and backup vocals.

The band is glad to promote each other in any media that covers them as they create a small but loyal fanbase. Their music has been played in the UK, US, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Canada, Argentina, and Germany. Radio Sylvia picked their song “Red Rider” their single of the week in Germany. Interviews and quirky questions regarding their  music, marriage, and city center mini-duck farm are welcomed.

September 12, 2023 saw the release of their debut song, Our Museum of Failure. Our Museum of Failure protests patriarchy.

“Our Museum of Failure is an anthem for combatting the patriarchy. The Margaret Hooligans shake the phallic temples of the conservative hegemony and let them slump and collapse. On the rubble of those fallen towers, they arrange a huge festivity where people of all genders and origins celebrate their freedom from oppression. And how to dance at such a celebration? Well, first of all, you can dance the way you like. Secondly, pogo dancing is highly recommended because The Margaret Hooligans‚ new single is a legit Garage Punk banger.” As put by Raphael L. Genovese, MangoWave Magazine.

“One of the most productive acts we have ever come across, The Margaret Hooligans really embody the definition of ‘creative’. After three albums, they have not run out of ideas yet. On the contrary, they seem to be getting better and better, expanding their stylings release after release.”mesmerized Gabriel Mazza.

“The vocals, filled with both fierceness and anguish, draw you in and demand your attention. It’s a blistering indictment of our obsession with the deification of those who might not deserve it.” By Kartik Sundar, Find No Enemy.

“Inspired by life and the essence of humanity, as grimy as it can be sometimes, The Margaret Hooligans capture every detail, moment and emotion in their inimitable songs.” -Nicole Mendes, The Other Side Reviews.

“Their latest single…exemplifies their mastery of combining alternative, garage, noise, punk rock, and rock n’ roll elements to create a truly unique and captivating auditory experience. From the very first note, it becomes evident that The Margaret Hooligans excel in crafting a raw and abrasive ambiance.” -Thoughts Word Action.

Ukulele player and singer Meg Cratty can quiet a storm she’s caused with her instrument using her voice . Mr Strontium’s drumming and percussion are an earthquake that drives the story. Finally, Meg’s singing voice and Strontium’s adlibs create a serious, hilarious, and cheerful environment. A reviewer said “The band is a contradiction to itself in the most beautiful and original manner possible.”

“This sort of mix from being inane artists while also being able to create empowering instrumentals and metaphorically deep tracks is such a rare sight to be seen in the music space.”-Testing Melodies.
 “The Margaret Hooligans’ musical imprint and soul shine through each track, making it an addictive and enjoyable listen.”- Sinusoidal Music.
Quotes about The Margaret Hooligans:
“The American duo The Margaret Hooligans is a unique phenomenon on the modern rock scene, where they share their original songs framed in experimental forms and driving motives.” – Indie Dock Music Blog.
“With the relentless onslaught of the drums, growling guitar licks, and punchy punk poetry of the lyrics, The Margaret Hooligans have carved out a wacky and wonderful niche entirely their own.” – Matt Miles, Yack Magazine.
“It sounds like it’s made by someone that is still earnestly in love with rock music.” – Alt 77
“This is the real rock. Made of instinct, passion, and love.” – Chris Mariotti, Edgar Allan Poets.
“They are geniuses…they take their music more seriously than their own lives, as they define themselves. That’s what we need!” – Victor Matheus, Indieoclock.
“Anything but pedestrian, The Margaret Hooligans is adventurous, lively, amusing and obscure.” – Nicole Mendes, The Other Side Reviews.
“They record in the basement and try not to fight on Saturday nights, and in an irreverent way, they share life as a couple with the world, everyday stories in the form of music, and are conquering everyone.” – Jessica Mar, Headbanger News.
Listen to “Revenge of the ScarJo” on Spotify:

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