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The Hail Mary: Embracing Risk and Resilience Through Music

“Hail Mary” is a standalone single released by Jen Mize & The Rough N’ Tumble on February 23, 2024, following their electrifying performance at the 2024 Tamworth Country Music Festival. Unlike their previous works that blend country, blues/roots, funk, and soul, “Hail Mary” presents a softer side of the 8-piece Queensland Music Award-winning supergroup. The song, not featured on their debut album, was penned by Jen Mize and Jeremy Edwards and draws inspiration from the ‘Hail Mary’ play in American football and basketball – a last-ditch effort when hope seems slim, but the player takes a shot anyway for the love of the game.

The track delves into the theme of embracing risk and confronting failure, portraying a spirit of daring and resilience embodied by the ‘Rough N’ Tumble’ ethos. It encourages listeners to seize opportunities even when success appears uncertain, emphasizing the importance of courage, determination, and audacity in pursuing one’s dreams. “Hail Mary” offers a reflective yet uplifting narrative, inviting audiences to embrace life’s challenges with gusto and optimism.