Prepare to be swept away by the revolutionary sounds of Guadeloupean punk band THE BOLOKOS, as they collaborate with the iconic figure of Guadeloupean music, FANSWA LADRÉZEAU of AKIYO, in their latest single, “KOUTÉ POU TANN.”

This creative piece provides a new perspective on punk music, interwoven with Guadeloupe’s rich cultural tradition. The song, sung in both English and Guadeloupean Creole, has beautiful lyrics laced with biblical symbolism and serves as a prophetic anthem of insurrection and optimism. It is rooted in Caribbean history and addresses all oppressed people seeking a future based on cultural resilience.

“KOUTÉ POU TANN” is a loving tribute to Guadeloupean music, spanning genres such as Gwo Ka, Boulagyèl, Mizik a Mas, and Konk a Lanbi. It celebrates Guadeloupe’s diverse cultural tapestry and honors its enduring spirit.

The accompanying music video, shot during the Carnival of Pointe-à-Pitre, is a visually magnificent depiction of Guadeloupean culture in all its complexities. Through dramatic cinematography and emotional scenes, it portrays the essence of the island’s past and people’s perseverance.

“KOUTÉ POU TANN” is a rallying cry for cultural preservation and social progress. It invites listeners to immerse themselves in Guadeloupe’s music and tales, and to join the movement for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Listen below.

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