Ten Eighty Trees unleashes a new single titled “Brand New Skin”


Ten Eighty Trees aren’t wasting any time after the success of their return single, Little Sparks, to release another Alt Rock masterpiece. With “Brand New Skin”, the band has returned to their angst-ridden, anthemic best, complete with shout-along choruses and a sack full of riffs that was sure to have fans moving at their October tour dates.

“Brand New Skin” lassos these themes of dissatisfaction together, asking the listener to “don’t carry what they don’t need” by drawing on sentiments of burnout, exhaustion, and decrying a failing national health system. The exciting Ten Eighty Experience serves as an outlet for these emotions set to a backdrop of searing tremolo-picked guitars and thunderous drums.

Lyrics like “start again, in brand new skin, to take on the world in” reflect the uplifting spirit of a new beginning and the liberation that comes with letting go of the past beautifully.

Nathan Newton, the band’s lead songwriter, says, “I think the idea of wanting to leave emotional baggage in the past is quite a relatable one for many people I feel, but also one that is perceived as quite a chaotic and terrible one. This turbulence is definitely apparent in the music and lyrics, but I also think there’s a defiance in what’s being said and a sense of hope that things can change for the better if you can make it through a period of adjustment.”

Brand New Skin’s music is an homage to bands from both sides of the Atlantic in the early 2000s, drawing inspiration from British indie rock revival acts like The Cribs and Maximo Park and the sugar rush of American Emo like Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World.

A tense and furious guitar-driven onslaught that, in its widest moments, celebrates the promise of a new beginning.

Listen to “Brand New Skin” on Spotify:

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