Surfing Through Memories: The Ballad of ‘The Girl Who Rules The Sea’


Extra Time, a band from Sydney, Australia, has dropped their latest single, “The Girl Who Rules The Sea,” from their album “Songs With Long Titles.” The song, inspired by Brendan’s childhood experience of nearly drowning at Bondi Beach, tells a gripping tale of survival and gratitude towards the ocean’s savior, a surfer girl. The accompanying video, shot at Bondi Beach, captures the essence of the song with stunning visuals of the beach and underwater scenes.

The band’s choice of Bondi Beach as the backdrop adds depth to the song’s narrative, as it becomes a homage to Brendan’s birthplace and Australia’s beloved coastline. The video, featuring drone and underwater footage, enhances the storytelling, while the animated elements pay tribute to Piet Mondrian’s artistic style, adding a unique touch to the visuals.

Extra Time’s album “Songs With Long Titles” offers a rich tapestry of stories, blending classic rock with jazz and blues influences, reminiscent of iconic bands like Steely Dan and Supertramp. Brendan McNamara’s lyrics, coupled with Andrew Beck’s production expertise, create a musical journey filled with themes of life, death, joy, and passion.

Recorded at Damien Gerard studios with a team of talented session musicians, the album showcases Extra Time’s dedication to their craft. The double gatefold vinyl release has garnered praise worldwide, cementing the band’s reputation as a rising force in the music scene.

Overall, “The Girl Who Rules The Sea” is a testament to Extra Time’s storytelling prowess and musical prowess. With its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, it’s sure to resonate with listeners around the globe.



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