SUNBALM music group makes public thier new song” OUT OF IT” as they return to the music scene after a short break


SUNBALM, formerly known as The Sunset Beach Hut, made a spectacular return to the music scene in 2022 with the release of their eagerly anticipated debut single, “Out of It,” inspired by artists like MUNA, Fickle Friends, Orla Gartland, and The Greeting Committee.

‘Out Of It’, which was created in cooperation with Niall Fennell (of The Clause) in Birmingham’s Oxygen Rooms, perfectly depicts the idea of transformation and progress.The sound of SUNBALM is a mix of lively tunes and thoughtful lyrics.

“Out of It” felt like the ideal way to begin this musical chapter because the end of the year is approaching. Lead vocalist Aphra Smith is a. “It’s about looking back on something that once brought you so much joy that just isn’t any more,” the song goes. “You can have nothing other than appreciation and love for someone, but if your heart isn’t in it, then I guess it’s over.”

The band flourished for five years in Birmingham’s live music industry under a different name before settling on SUNBALM. Their earlier works, which included the standout hits “Comfort” and “Upside-Down,” received praise when BBC introduced Shropshire’s “Track of the Week. “Notably, “Bury” received close to 35,000 Spotify streams while “ex-blurst-ist” received close to 10,000, laying a solid basis for their creative progression.

The desire to go on a new sonic journey motivated the decision to rename as SUNBALM in 2022.This change represents the band’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and accepting change.

As excitement grows for the publication of “Out of It” SUNBALM asks listeners to join them on this thrilling new adventure.

Listen below.

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