Sun Q releases a new abulm titled “Myth”


The “Myth” CD is the product of international cooperation between musicians and experts. We recorded it throughout Russia, touring numerous studios in search of rare Soviet synthesizers, ancient tape instruments, and everything that could enrich our sound. Incorporating unusual instruments from all over the world, such the Swedish nyckelharpa and African percussion, our tunes benefited from the participation of many talented players who contributed to the recording. There were even three choirs, one each from Russia, the United States, and Uganda. Brazil is responsible for the design of the cover image.

the unexpected turns of circumstances rendered it impossible to finish recording the album in Russia.
The album’s final stages were completed in different nations. We oversaw the process from Turkey and Moldova while the CD was mixed in England and mastered in the United States. You won’t find a predetermined goal in our music, but you might find something even more meaningful. We think it’s crucial for people to have spiritual awakenings right now.

In order to bridge the gap between the subconscious and rational thought, myth is all about connecting with a power that resides beyond our five senses. An innovative take on a stoner bacchanalia, complete with maenads and satyrs headed by Dionysus saw the title single; mystical lyrics by Joseph Brodsky inspired another song; a bad dream from Elizabeth Siddal (better known as Ophelia) on the next track.

there was a retro-wave love song about hippies that had a mesmerizing quality to it, and a tune with hypnotic ethnic drumming.
The mood of Woodstock is supplemented by a music with a distinctive string ornament about spirit guides “Animals”.

In addition, there’s a blues rock tune called “Jane Doe” that’s all about losing one’s identity. Last but not least, the psychedelic “Crystal Doors” and “Tree” contemplate the approaching darkness, which is both awful and wonderful.

This record provides a rare chance to hear a wide variety of instruments, from the modern Soviet synthesizer to the classic Italian electronic organ Farfisa, as well as the traditional Swedish nyckelharpa.

Listen to “Myth” on Spotify:

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