Sugar Pill has released a new single, “What You Thought I Didn’t Know “


Sugar Pill is a dynamic alternative and indie rock-pop trio, and this is their introduction. Both nostalgia and grunge are present in this style. It falls into the alternative rock and dream pop genres. Ana, our singer, moved from Northern Spain to London, and this is the tale of her journey through fear, trauma, and ultimately, self-compassion.

Because of this, the story is about all of us. ‘What you thought I didn’t know’ is Sugar Pill’s very first song. It centers on a selfless giver who is also a narcissist. It’s about how other people make us feel and how their presence changes the course of our lives. Ana works through her relationship with this individual, who she refers to as a parasite, and gets closure as a result of the process. This is accomplished through nostalgic night turnings of reverb synths and dreamlike contemplation.

This is the first music that the band has created for Ana’s story, and it was recorded and produced by Sugar Pill. Jack Fruit was responsible for the mixing and co-production, and Frank Agrario was in charge of the mastering.

Listen to “What You Thought I Didn’t Know” on Spotify:

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