Southern Soul Revival: Heart of Pine’s ‘Phetamine & Pearls’


Heart of Pine’s latest single, “Phetamine & Pearls,” is a real treat for fans eagerly awaiting their upcoming album. This song perfectly captures the band’s unique blend of blues and rock, creating what they like to call their “southedelic” sound.
Led by Steven Bagwell’s soulful vocals and stellar guitar riffs, the song is a jam-packed with energy from start to finish. The addition of a clavinet and a horn section adds layers to the music, while the female background vocals add a touch of soul.
The band, consisting of Bagwell, Travis Richardson, Boone Hood, Jesse Fountain, and Todd Headley, brings together influences from iconic groups like the Allman Brothers Band, Waylon Jennings, and The Grateful Dead. This fusion of styles results in a sound that is both familiar and fresh.
“Phetamine & Pearls” is an uplifting track with vibrant harmonies that will surely become a favorite among existing fans. Its infectious melodies and energetic pulse are sure to get audiences moving and grooving.
Lyrically, the song tells the story of a captivating girl who is impossible to pin down. The explosive melodies not only remind us of her allure but also make us wish we could be like her.
Overall, Heart of Pine has once again delivered a hit with “Phetamine & Pearls.” With its catchy hooks and irresistible energy, this song is bound to leave listeners wanting more. Fans of roots rock and southern soul won’t want to miss out on this gem.





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