Seramic releases his latest single “Can’t Stay Mad At You”


Seramic is thrilled to unveil the latest single, “Can’t Stay Mad At You,” released on Thursday, November 9th, 2023. Marcus Foster, the British-born, NYC-based artist behind Seramic, marked a triumphant return in Summer 2023 after a 4-year hiatus, delivering a soul-funk-infused banger that celebrates a complex relationship with a twisted, yet infectious, positivity. The track is part of his new EP, following soulful “Ride or Die” and dreamy “Alice,” with Marcus showcasing not only musical talent but also directing his own music videos.

Collaborating with Christopher Stracey and a talented lineup, including Tamir Barzilay, Gregori Hofmann, and Stewart Cole, Seramic crafted this exciting track in LA. Marcus reflects on the song’s origin, sharing how it emerged from personal challenges, turning darkness into uplifting music. Seramic’s eclectic influences, ranging from Prince and gospel to 90s hip hop, result in catchy, innovative songs that have captivated legends like Rick Rubin and led to collaborations with Funk master Bootsy Collins.

Beyond music, Marcus Foster is a sculptor, director, and composer, with his work exhibited in galleries across Europe. He directs all his music videos, earning nominations and screenings at prestigious events. Having relocated to NYC in 2023, Seramic made waves with performances, including a residency at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn. With a promising array of new songs, 2024 is poised to be a significant year for Seramic.

Listen to “Can’t Stay Mad At You” on Spotify:

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