Resilience Resonance: TULA’s ‘What If’ Chronicles

  1. “TULA, also known as Lital van Steenbergen, is a talented musician who sings, writes songs, and plays the piano without reading notes. She’s from Holland, and after 14 years away from the stage, she’s making a comeback. Her debut album, “Kintsugi,” features the 13th track, “What If,” which combines rock and pop styles.

The song “What If” makes us think about the choices we make in life. It asks, what if things were different? What if we had the courage to follow our hearts, even if it means facing pain? TULA’s message is clear: no matter how tough things get, there’s always hope. Even if our lives fall apart, we can rebuild them with love.

TULA collaborates with her Hungarian producer, Attila Mazan, who comes from the metal music scene. Together, they want to empower those who feel overlooked or unheard. Their music aims to inspire listeners and give them hope for a better future.

Overall, TULA’s song “What If” is a powerful reminder to never give up, no matter what challenges we face. With its mix of rock and pop sounds and its message of hope, it’s sure to resonate with many people.”


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