Redeeming Melodies: Brother, Won’t You Take This Burden?


Lauren Flauding, a musician who usually plays in her basement, has just released a new song called “Brother, Won’t You Take This Burden?” featuring Yahosh Bonner. You can listen to it on all the big music websites starting April 9th. Normally, Lauren sings songs about musical theater and folk stuff, but now she’s trying something new: gospel music for people who like Christian songs. She’s getting older and realizing there’s more to sing about than just love problems. She especially likes songs with gospel choirs in them, and this one has one.

The song talks about feeling really bad about things you did wrong in the past and asking Jesus to help you feel better. It starts off slow and then gets louder and louder as the singer asks for help. Lauren wrote the words and music for the song, but Daniel Blomberg helped make it sound really good. They talked over Zoom to figure out how to make the song sound just right. They got some other people to help, too, like Yahosh Bonner singing, and a bunch of folks singing in the choir.

Originally, this song was for a choir in Tucson, Arizona, but Lauren decided to make it sound even better with Daniel’s help. Jake Workman played the guitar, and Dave Zimmerman played the drums. Daniel and Dave helped make the song sound great at Noisebox Studios in Provo, Utah. Overall, it’s a song that makes you think and feel things, and Lauren did a good job making it.



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