Rebel Echoes: Black Monsoon’s ‘Broken’ Unveils a New Era of Grunge


Black Monsoon’s latest single “Broken,” released on April 19, 2024, marks the beginning of a fresh musical journey for the Dutch grunge trio. Following their debut album “Pantomime” in 2020, this track sets the tone for a series of new songs. The band’s raw and emotive expression in “Broken” reflects their frustration with growing social and political divides, alongside personal heartaches.

What sets Black Monsoon apart is their rebellious spirit. They challenge traditional norms, particularly those favoring male dominance, and reject cultural restrictions. This attitude shines through not only in their music but also in their DIY approach to creating the music video for “Broken,” which they shot and edited themselves.

Having tested new material during live performances across Europe, including Germany, The Netherlands, and London, the band refined their sound at the Sahara Sound Studio in The Hague. Working with Michiel Siebelink and Henk Koorn, they’ve crafted a sound reminiscent of the alternative vibes of the nineties. While drawing comparisons to iconic bands like The Stooges, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana, Black Monsoon’s evolution is evident in “Broken,” thanks to experimentation with additional guitar amps and production techniques.

Overall, “Broken” showcases Black Monsoon’s growth as artists while staying true to their grunge roots. With its powerful message and infectious energy, the single promises an exciting new chapter for the band and leaves listeners eager for more.



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