Nashville’s The Frst releases follow up single after collaborating with members of Eagle Of Death Metal, titled “Big Shot”


The Frst of Nashville recently released their follow-up track, “Big Shot,” following their collaboration on “Murderabilia” with members of Eagles Of Death Metal.

“Big Shot” is a fun and lighthearted indie rock song inspired by a true story.

The Mastermind behind the Frst, Mikei Griy sister had brought her ex-boyfriend to Nashville for a visit, and he couldn’t stop talking about himself, bragging about all the places he had been to and trying to impress everyone.

He seemed oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t reading the room, and his self-centered chatter annoyed everyone present.

In response to this comical situation, the Mikei Grey penned this song as a playful way to capture the essence of that moment and share a humorous anecdote with others.

Ryan Prewett, who is well-known for his work with Billy Ray Cyrus, mixed and produced this song.

The upbeat indie rock song “Big Shot” was influenced by a real-life event. When his sister’s ex-boyfriend visited Nashville, Mikei Gray revealed that he was bragging incessantly about his travels while completely disregarding how annoying he was making everyone else feel.

The Frst, a rock band started in Nashville, Tennessee, by singer and guitarist Mikei Gray, has previously toured with groups including Sublime with Rome, Village People, Florida Georgia Line, and Portugal.

With its distinctive spelling and shifting roster, the initiative, which was founded in 2017, highlights its collaborative character.

Prior to starting The Frst, Mikei Gray had a special bond with music. Even though he tried to fall asleep, he could not stop hearing music because he lived beneath a radio tower.

His perception of music was altered by an occurrence in which his right ear was amputated and then sewed back on, but the idea to call the group “The Frst” came to him in a dream, urging him to keep things lighthearted and uninhibited.

Listen on Spotify below.

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