Move From Mè: The Rhythmic Odyssey


Lahrel’s latest single, ‘Move From Mè,’ is a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. Set to drop on April 5th, 2024, this song promises to be a hit with its catchy tunes and mesmerizing melodies. Hailing from London, Lahrel showcases her exceptional talent and artistry in this highly anticipated track. With its Afro-Fusion influences, ‘Move From Mè’ offers a fresh and unique sound that will surely capture the hearts of listeners worldwide.

This single marks a new chapter in Lahrel’s musical journey, demonstrating her growth as an artist and her dedication to pushing boundaries. Throughout her career, Lahrel has collaborated with various artists, including Omi, BEAM, Afro B, and A1 & J1, showcasing her versatility and prowess in the music industry.

Listeners can expect to be transported into a world of rhythm and soul as Lahrel’s powerful vocals and infectious beats take center stage. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Lahrel’s music, ‘Move From Mè’ is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Overall, Lahrel’s latest single is a testament to her talent and passion for music. With its captivating sound and compelling lyrics, ‘Move From Mè’ is bound to become a favorite among music enthusiasts everywhere. Don’t miss out on this incredible track from one of London’s rising stars.






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