“Kill Your Brain” with Baby Molly’s new release


“Baby Molly, known for his enigmatic emo-pop compositions, presents a haunting new single that delves deep into the struggles of addiction and introspection titled “kill my brain “. This emotionally charged song offers a raw and unfiltered perspective on coping with life’s complexities through the haze of substances.

The song “kill my brain.” takes listeners on a journey through Baby Molly’s experiences with alcohol, starting from the initial solace she found in its effects as a teenager. However, as time passes, the song reflects on the darker side of this coping mechanism, highlighting the cycle of dependency and self-destruction it can lead to.

Through introspective lyrics and a captivating melody, “kill my brain.” touches on themes of disillusionment, anxiety, and the search for identity amidst the chaos of adulthood. It’s a poignant exploration of the impact of addiction on mental health and the struggles many face in navigating life’s challenges.

With this latest single, Baby Molly establishes himself as a powerful voice in the emo-pop genre, offering listeners a glimpse into the emotional complexities of addiction and introspection. “kill my brain.” is a haunting and thought-provoking track that resonates with anyone who has grappled with inner demons while seeking solace in external means.

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