Julie Elias Releases Inspiring New Album The Dreamer


Julie Elias has just released her new album, “The Dreamer,” and it is a beautiful collection of 16 songs. Elias is known for her passion for music and her strong faith, which are evident in every track. The album was released on April 21, 2023, and the title song, “The Dreamer,” had already reached number one on the Christian Radio Chart.

“The Dreamer” features a variety of songs, including “Free,” “Stampede,” “Truth,” “The Dreamer,” “You Make Me Brave,” “HeartSong,” “Radiant Love,” “Goodness of God,” “Mistakes,” “You Have to Be There,” “River Runs Dry,” “Mojave,” “Phoenix,” “Won’t Hold Back,” “Swan Song,” and “The Prayer,” which features John Owen-Jones. Each song has a message of hope and encouragement, urging listeners to follow their dreams and trust in God’s plan.

Elias’ powerful voice and meaningful lyrics make this album special. Her singing is both strong and emotional, touching the hearts of her listeners. Every song is designed to inspire and uplift people of all ages. Julie Elias has put her heart and soul into this album, and it shows.

In her own words, Elias said, “I am beyond thrilled to release ‘The Dreamer’ to the world. This album is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to my craft. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share these songs with my fans and I hope that they will find as much inspiration and joy in them as I did in creating them.”

Overall, “The Dreamer” by Julie Elias is a wonderful album that will inspire anyone who listens to it. It is available on all major music platforms, so be sure to check it out. This album is a testament to Elias’ talent and her commitment to spreading a positive message through her music.


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