Jaye IV’s Afrofusion Journey in ‘GoodThing BadTiming’


“GoodThing BadTiming” by Jaye IV is a captivating Afrofusion track that seamlessly blends elements of dancehall rhythm, Afrobeat melodies, and the artist’s unique hip-hop cadence. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Jaye IV is a talented rapper who is deeply influenced by Hip Hop moguls of the 2000s and draws inspiration from various cultural influences, including Afrobeat and Afrobeats

Jaiye IV describes himself as a songwriter and music producer, with rap being his favorite form of expression due to its capacity for expansive storytelling and vocabulary exploration. He emphasizes his desire to be known for his individuality rather than being categorized under any specific genre or label. Having honed his craft at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Jaye IV approaches his music as both an evolutionary tool and a platform for revolutionary expression.

In “GoodThing BadTiming,” Jaye IV skillfully navigates themes of charm, romance, and societal expectations. The song sets a happy mood with its infectious dancehall rhythm, complemented by Afrobeat melodies and lively synth and electric guitar riffs. The lyrics touch on the transient nature of happiness in the face of life’s uncertainties, reflecting on the idea that despite one’s happiness, unforeseen events can disrupt the moment.

Collaborating with Grammy-nominated producer Dammie, known for his work with artists like Davido, Jaye IV showcases his ability to craft engaging hip-hop-infused Afrobeats. The synergy between Jaye IV and Dammie is evident in the production quality and the seamless integration of various musical elements.

“GoodThing BadTiming” marks the beginning of a series of single rollouts planned for release by Jaye IV and his team, UncommonGrounds, indicating an exciting journey ahead for the artist and his listeners. With its infectious rhythm, catchy melodies, and thoughtful lyrics, the track invites listeners to immerse themselves in Jaye IV’s unique musical world and enjoy the ride.




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