Global Strings: The Musical Odyssey of Nick Morrison


Nick Morrison, a talented French-American musician, has captivated listeners with his unique blend of West-African string music and American folk influences. His musical journey began with his early recordings in 2012, showcasing his passion for West-African string music even before his experiences jamming with Tinariwen. His time in Sénégal in 2014 inspired the creation of vibrant ‘globalfolk’ EPs in collaboration with his wife Maike Novák under the name Pallet of Leaves.
Morrison’s musical versatility shines through his involvement with various bands like Charity Children and Soul Thrivers, as well as his contributions as a sideman on numerous records. His association with the Polyversal Souls and the Philophon label has allowed him to share the stage with African music luminaries such as Alemayehu Eshete and Stella Chiweshe.
Throughout the years, Morrison has honed his distinctive, Kora-influenced guitar style, crafting a repertoire of songs that evoke a range of emotions from melancholy to joyous. His debut single, “Mountain Goat,” showcases his musical prowess as he leads alongside Ekowmania & the Rhythmers, a dynamic afro-highlife band led by Ghanaian drumming legend Ekow Alabi Savage.
Morrison’s music seamlessly fuses elements of American folk with the rich rhythms and sounds of African bands, drawing inspiration from artists like Nick Drake, Robert Thompson, and Paul Simon, as well as African icons such as Ali Farka Toure and Oumou Sangare.
Overall, Nick Morrison’s music is a vibrant tapestry of cultural influences, showcasing his mastery of the guitar and his ability to create music that transcends borders. With “Mountain Goat” as just the beginning, Morrison’s musical journey promises to enchant audiences around the world.


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