Gabrielknowseverything: Blending Genres and Emotions in His Latest Single


Gabrielknowseverything’s new song is the second single from his album. It features reverberating guitars and a lovely bass line that creates a perfect space for Gabriel’s powerful vocals. This song showcases one of Gabriel’s best vocal performances in his career. The track is deeply rooted in R&B and draws on many seductive influences, making it a compelling listen. Gabriel’s voice in this song proves that he can compete with the best singers in the genre.

The song blends different genres, including R&B, Alternative, Indie, and Chill, while also being soulful and reflective. The instruments used in this track include guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, piano, and drums. These elements come together to create a unique and engaging sound.

To promote this song, there will be two official music video releases. The videos, titled “When You Fall” and “Mirrors” featuring Myles Optimystic, will be available on VEVO. Each video has a marketing budget of $1000 for promotion through Google Ads, which has previously helped Gabriel reach new listeners. Additionally, there will be a PR campaign conducted by Horus Music to reach more curators and playlist coordinators. A social media campaign will also support the release, involving all accounts linked to the album’s creation and editorial push.

Gabrielknowseverything is an alternative artist known for his powerful and emotional music. He started playing guitar in 2018 and has since developed a raw and authentic sound that reflects his personal messaging. He frequently tours around the southern United States and has collaborated with many artists.

In addition to his solo career, Gabriel launched his own record label, “The Grocery Store,” with several collaborators. This label helps other independent artists produce and release their music. Gabriel’s passion for music and business has led to significant success both digitally and live. With more new music planned for 2024, Gabriel continues to showcase his versatility as an artist through his live performances and recorded works.



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