“Fractal” by The Bedroomer – A Glimpse into “Blue Lamp”


“Fractal,” the inaugural single from The Bedroomer’s forthcoming third album “Blue Lamp,” offers a tantalizing preview of the sonic odyssey that awaits in 2024.

With an accompanying video directed by Yves Pasquarelli and Nat Hoopes, this release becomes a masterful fusion of visual artistry and auditory brilliance. The video’s marriage of Super 8 film footage from Lawrence, Kansas, and generative AI creates a visually captivating and sonically enchanting experience.

This genre-blurring single, the first in a series of six set for release in 2023, boldly defies classification. Seamlessly blending elements of folk, post-rock, and psychedelia, “Fractal” beckons listeners to embark on a musical journey through uncharted territories.

The Bedroomer’s relocation from Kansas to the vibrant streets of Brooklyn in 2022 marked a pivotal turning point. In the indie scene, The Bedroomer’s reputation has been steadily rising, culminating in an electrifying performance at The Greenpoint Gallery.

The transition to Brooklyn has evidently infused a new dynamism into the artist’s creative output, propelling him into uncharted realms of sonic exploration.

The Bedroomer’s earlier albums, “Joaquin Phoenix” (2019) and “I Lost Myself” (2021), unveiled the artist’s affinity for crafting midwestern bedroom pop soundscapes. However, with “Blue Lamp,” a transformed and confident voice emerges.

This album captures a more fully realized incarnation of The Bedroomer, as he embraces intricate production and collaborates with a full band. The evolution is palpable, and the artistic prowess shines brightly.

As “Fractal” reverberates through speakers, it unveils a mere fragment of the brilliance that “Blue Lamp” holds. The Bedroomer’s journey, from his midwestern roots to the bustling heart of Brooklyn, has undoubtedly enriched his sound and vision.

With anticipation running high, listeners can only imagine the kaleidoscopic tapestry of sounds and emotions that await in the full “Blue Lamp” album, set to illuminate 2024.

Stay attuned to The Bedroomer’s musical expedition by following his journey through: But then stream “Fractal” below.


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