Faith in Verse: The Musical Journey of NDMC


NDMC, a rapper, poet, and composer hailing from Lyon, brings a unique blend of talent and faith to the music scene. His name, NDMC, simply takes the first consonants of his surname, with the added ‘C’ referencing ceremonial masters and his Christian beliefs, particularly inspired by Jesus Christ.

From humble beginnings in small listening sessions with friends, NDMC has evolved into a respected artist, releasing his debut EP “Coming In” in 2013. His journey hasn’t been without introspection, as he questioned his style and message in 2014, ultimately reaffirming his commitment to transmitting his faith through music.

Collaborations with fellow musicians like Neg Modi and Bami Bassi culminated in his second album, “Infinite & Paradoxical,” also known as I&P, released in May 2015. With a clear objective of creating music inspired by and for God, NDMC’s street album garnered over 2200 downloads and airplay on local and French-speaking radios.

Today, NDMC continues his musical journey with renewed vigor, returning in 2021 with a freestyle titled #TMCF, meaning “All Bad Things Have an End.” His ambition remains steadfast: to create wholesome music that challenges secular norms and spreads the message of the Gospel.

In essence, NDMC’s music is not just about entertainment; it’s a reflection of his faith and values, serving as a beacon of positivity and inspiration for listeners. With each track, he invites audiences to ponder life’s deeper questions while enjoying infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics. NDMC’s dedication to his craft and his message make him an artist worth listening to and supporting.


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