Exploring Sherita Duran’s ‘Remnant Song’


Sherita Duran, the captivating artist has once again demonstrated her remarkable talent in blending prayer with original music in her Album “Remnant Song.” Her latest release, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, weaving together prayers, tears, and hopes into powerful songs of worship, joy, encouragement, and strength.

In “Remnant Song,” Duran ventures into the depths of spirituality, crafting an emotional formula to navigate through earthly chaos and rediscover the true essence of grace. The album, primarily composed between 2020 and 2021, emerges as a testament to resilience, challenging the darkness of lockdowns with the illuminating power of music.

Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and spiritual journey, Duran explores themes of meditation, companionship, and the beauty of nature. She finds solace in the simple joys of life, often taking meditative walks with her faithful canine companion, and immersing herself in the tranquil embrace of the natural world.

Duran’s profound connection to her faith is evident in her heartfelt lyrics, as she eloquently expresses her unwavering trust in a higher power. In poignant verses like, “O Jesus… you are my peace / When the world begins to crumble around me,” she reflects on the strength and reassurance found in her spiritual beliefs.

Renowned for her exceptional vocal abilities, Duran possesses a voice as warm and inviting as her California roots. With a velvety tone and impressive range, she effortlessly traverses various musical styles, earning accolades from critics like Mario Luzzatto Fegiz, who praises her as “An acrobatic soprano, a force of nature capable of combining bel canto with black music.”

Through “Remnant Song,” Sherita Duran invites listeners on a transformative journey of faith, resilience, and self-discovery. Her melodic hymns serve as a reminder of the enduring power of music to uplift the soul and transcend the challenges of life. As she continues to inspire with her artistry, Duran remains a beacon of hope and light in a world in need of healing.

Stream Full album below.

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