Exploring Joshua Elyashiv’s Latest Single, ‘What’s In The Bamboo?’


Josh Elyashiv and JEEW his band have recently released their single, “What is the bamboo?” which is a Southern-rock song with a journey to nostalgia, ingenuity, and indomitable spirit as a listener. Upon its release, the song became an instant hit, another addition to Elyashiv’s long list of accomplishments that clearly shows his talent for narratives and musical ability.

“What’s In The Bamboo?” is much more than a song, it is an autobiographical narrative brought about by stirring melodies and emotionally charged vocals. By virtue of its authenticity and meaningfulness, the song takes the listener to that remote time when everything was uncluttered and the only thing that mattered was resistance against oppression.

In its essence, “What’s In The Bamboo?” is a story of growing up and the indomitability of the human soul. Skillfully crafting the story, Elyashiv portrays a grandmother who, despite the government’s watchful eye, managed to ingeniously hide her marijuana crop within bamboo. The storyline is driven by Southern-rock vibes, a music genre that conveys genuineness and memory-evoking power through every note and word.

The instrumentation of the song is an expert fusion of classic Southern-rock components with modern influence, which makes the sound of it both timeless and modern. As the twang of the guitars and the driving rhythm section of the production transport us we feel the pull of longing and defiance.

In the end, “What’s in the Bamboo” is about Elyashiv’s artistic persona and his skill in reaching the hearts and minds of the audience. Through its meaningful narrative and classic southern-rock melodies, this track will without question establish Elyashiv as a genuine legend in country music.

Stream below.

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