Experience Passion Ignited: Brother Thunder’s Latest Single “You Know I’m Down”


Have you ever felt that intense longing for your beloved after a prolonged separation? The air itself seems to shimmer with anticipation as you draw closer, the warmth enveloping you in an embrace.

Bodies aflame with love and desire, every inch yearning to reconnect. “You Know I’m Down” crystallizes that sensation, an embodiment of the fervent, carnal fire that love can be. This new single ignites a red-hot passion, promising to leave you both heated and enthralled.

Fusing a classic soul groove with explosive horns and a seductive whisper of pillow talk, “You Know I’m Down” stands ready to propel you straight towards the bedroom.

The music becomes an invitation, a sensual dance between beats and melodies that mirrors the primal dance between lovers. The euphoria of this experience awaits you, as the palpable passion shared between adoring souls comes to life through sound.

“You Know I’m Down” represents the third single and fifth release from the enchanting ensemble known as Brother Thunder. Crafted by Brother Thunder himself, this musical gem was brought to life at LecheHouse Music, with engineering and mixing magic provided by the esteemed Beto Martinez (Grupo Fantasma, Caramelo Haze) in Buda, Texas.

The enchanting soundscape is further enhanced by the trumpet, saxophone, and backup vocals performed by Alphonso Sanders, and the rhythmic pulse of the congas delivered by Nick Tozzo (Superfonicos).

The sonic mastery was polished to perfection by Sam Patlove of Bud’s Recording Service.

The captivating artwork for “You Know I’m Down” springs from the creative well of Richard Samuel, the visionary behind RichesArt Gallery—Austin’s sole Black-owned art gallery. This single release is a harmonious union of music and visual artistry, a testament to the soulful collaboration of creative minds.

Mark your calendars for July 29th, 2023, as “You Know I’m Down” prepares to sweep you off your feet. The journey begins on June 2nd, as the two months leading up to the release promise an exciting crescendo of teasers and promotions.

Collaborating with Richard Samuel, the focus will shine on his exceptional artwork and the brilliance of Black art and music. This partnership becomes a radiant celebration, a platform to inspire and amplify the voices and talents within the Black artistic community.

Prepare to be enthralled. Brace yourself for the surge of emotions as “You Know I’m Down” entwines with your senses, inviting you to relive that tantalizing anticipation, that fiery love, and the electrifying chemistry between souls.

Stream below.



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