Embrace the mesmerizing hues of ‘Orange and Gray’ with S.J. Armstrong’s latest release


Experience the vibrant hues of emotion in S.J. Armstrong’s latest release, ‘Orange and Gray.’ This captivating track is part of Armstrong’s innovative monthly singles series leading up to the highly anticipated third album, set for release this summer.

‘Orange and Gray’ diverges from Armstrong’s usual tempo, embracing a more relaxed pace while delving deep into intricate vocal arrangements. With a staggering 56 vocal tracks expertly layered into one lead line, two harmonies, and a backing line, the song unfolds like a rich tapestry of sound. The dynamic shifts between singing dynamic harmony and static harmony tensions add an element of mystery and depth to the composition.

Instruments play a crucial role in shaping the song’s atmosphere, with the return of the Rhodes electric piano lending a nostalgic aura reminiscent of Armstrong’s earlier work. Multiple layers of organ and guitar further enhance the musical landscape, creating a lush sonic experience.

Armstrong’s hands-on approach shines through as they not only played all the instruments but also handled vocals, audio engineering, mixing, and mastering at their small studio. This level of artistic control undoubtedly imbues ‘Orange and Gray’ with a personal touch and attention to detail that elevates the listening experience.

Prepare to be immersed in a world of emotion, color, and musical mastery with ‘Orange and Gray,’ a standout addition to S.J. Armstrong’s evolving discography.”

Listen below

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