Echoes of Authenticity: Ariana Hodes’ Journey Through Last Night’s Makeup EP


Ariana Hodes, aNashvilleSingerSongwriter, has released her remastered EP, “Last Night’s Makeup,” under the Big Round Music label. The EP features four original tunes, including “Beggin’,” “Last Night’s Makeup,” “Workin’ to Drink,” and the heartfelt love song, “Never Lose Sight.” “Never Lose Sight” serves as the lead single, showcasing Hodes’ emotive vocals against an acoustic backdrop. Marion Grace, known for her work with Trace Atkins, provides backing vocals, adding depth to the track. The EP, produced by Jonathon Pears and recorded at the Creative Workshop in Nashville, exudes a polished yet soulful sound.

Hodes initially gained recognition with her renditions of classics like “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and “Brand New Key,” which made waves on the Indie country charts. However, “Last Night’s Makeup” marks a shift towards her own compositions, demonstrating her growth as an artist. Each track on the EP offers a glimpse into Hodes’ storytelling prowess and musical versatility.

From the raw honesty of “Last Night’s Makeup” to the infectious energy of “Workin’ to Drink,” Hodes captures the essence of modern country music while staying true to her roots. Overall, “Last Night’s Makeup” is a captivating blend of heartfelt lyrics, melodic arrangements, and soul-stirring vocals. With this release, Ariana Hodes solidifies her place in the indie country scene, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting her next musical venture.


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