DNT Let Me Fly Away by LENny: An Afro House Journey of Joy and Relaxation


LENny (IT) is an Italian DJ and music producer. His new Afro House EP, “All Night Long,” is getting a lot of attention. This EP has two songs that are very interesting. They take listeners on a special musical journey. The first song is called “DNT Let Me Fly Away.” It starts with a strong melody that sets the mood for the whole EP. This song mixes Afro House sounds with catchy rhythms, making it very enjoyable to listen to. The vocals are soulful, making listeners feel very happy and relaxed.

The second song on the EP is also called “All Night Long.” This song is a bit different but still has the Afro House feel. The production of this song is very detailed and clean, showing LENny’s skill and creativity. This song is great for dancing at clubs because of its energetic beats and rhythms.

Both songs on the “All Night Long” EP combine Afro House with other music styles. This makes the songs sound fresh and new. LENny is very good at mixing different cultures and sounds in his music. This EP shows how talented he is. If you like Afro House or just good music, you should listen to “All Night Long.” LENny’s unique style and fun beats will make you want to dance all night.

LENny’s music is special because it can make people feel good and want to move. His attention to detail in his music production is clear in these songs. “All Night Long” is a great example of LENny’s ability to create music that stands out. This new Afro House music project by LENny (IT) is definitely worth listening to. Whether you are at a club or just relaxing at home, these songs will make you feel great. So, get ready to enjoy the magic of LENny’s new music.




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