Divine Whispers: A Melodic Journey of Spiritual Awakening


“Will You Listen” by Eyricka Avila, with lyrics by Ptr. Ruben Junior Mojar-Hernani, is a touching song that invites listeners to pause and reflect on their spiritual journey. Inspired by a moment of quiet contemplation, the song encourages us to tune into the whispers of the Holy Spirit amidst life’s chaos. Ptr. Ruben Junior Mojar-Hernani’s heartfelt composition captures the essence of spiritual awakening and the importance of divine guidance in our lives.

Eyricka Avila’s performance brings depth and emotion to the song, making it a soul-stirring experience for listeners. Her debut collaboration with Ptr. Ruben Junior Mojar-Hernani marks a significant milestone in her budding career in the Christian music scene. Together, they deliver a powerful message of mindfulness and openness to God’s voice.

The song premiered on Mango Mornings and has since been released on major streaming platforms, reaching a wider audience with its profound message. Ptr. Ruben Junior Mojar-Hernani’s hope is that “Will You Listen” will resonate with listeners, leading to a spiritual awakening and a deeper relationship with God.

With nearly 300 compositions to his name, Ptr. Ruben Junior Mojar-Hernani continues to make his mark on the Christian music landscape. His partnership with Eyricka Avila and Emphasis Christian Collective Media showcases his commitment to delivering inspiring music that touches hearts and minds.

Overall, “Will You Listen” is a beautiful composition that invites listeners to embrace stillness and listen for the voice of God in their lives. It’s a debut worth celebrating for both Eyricka Avila and Ptr. Ruben Junior Mojar-Hernani, and a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift.







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