Dive into Musical Bliss with Thornton Creek’s “Swim A While”


Jump into the deep and impassioned notes of Americana with the outstanding album by Thornton Creek “Swim A While”. Located in Seattle, this talented ensemble has developed a profound collection consisting of twelve songs delivered with precise melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Thornton Bowman, the band’s lead singer-songwriter, has been saluted for his vocals that compliment the likes of Neil Young and John Prine. “Swim A While” takes the listener through an array of musical styles, exploring them in a sonic tapestry. Not only the song ‘Baby in the House’ that possesses an upbeat rhythm, but also the bluesy vibes of ‘Cold Train’ and the tender melancholy of ‘While I Waited Here for You,’ each song presents its individual perspective on the band’s vast variety.

A tantalizing blend of various Country, Blues, Jazz, and Swing styles make for an equally satisfying album that will draw in music enthusiasts of Americana music from every side. You can rock to the quick foot grooves or you slow dance to the soul-stirring ballads offered here. Either way, this album offers the best of all three worlds.

After “Fancypants” which was highly regarded for its solid musicianship, Thornton Creek showcases it in this album anew whether they are through their creative skills or skillful craftsmanship or both. Reviewers said that the group has played out well not only their composition of melodies but also vocals and lyrics that a listener can identify with on a deeper level.

Joining Thornton Bowman are his talented bandmates: Electric guitar and mandolin are played by Don Miller, bass guitar by Steve Miller, keyboard, banjo and accordion are played by Randy Rush and drums by Mark Drake. A.D. Kay adds more voices and Diamond Jim Hewitt creates fiddle music that combine into the deepness and texture of the album’s sound.

Can’t wait? No need to! Wear your headphones tune in, and start cruising! Let Thornton Creek take on the role of the captain, the guide, and the curator of your adventure.

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