Claire Reneé Releases New Song “Sadder Days” Ahead of EP


Claire Reneé, a rising R&B musician, releases “Sadder Days” as her newest single. This sensual, soulful song departs from the traditional R&B and pop sounds by including elements from the

Claire’s music typically takes a jazzy direction. The song’s lyrics discuss the conflicting feelings that come with dating and complicated relationships, whether they be sexual or platonic. In her reflection on the writing of “Sadder Days,” Claire recalls a time when she placed a great deal of confidence in others, particularly when it came to their ability to control her emotions.

She wrote the song about not understanding how someone could give up so abruptly and easily on a relationship. The feeling of the other person letting go hit her deeply, leaving her feeling angry and hurt.

She hopes listeners resonate with the sentiment of getting through the anger, giving up the need to understand what exactly changed in the relationship, and healing enough to wish that person well without closure.

Journal Entries 1- 4 by Claire Reneé, which will cover some of the same ground, will include “Sadder Days” and other songs. For those who keep journals or keep note of their emotions or thoughts, Claire thinks the EP will be relatable. Each

The diary-like EP’s title track will serve as a journal entry from a pivotal time. This EP’s nostalgic quality is comparable to reflecting on the past and wondering, “What was I thinking,” or “Wow, I’ve really grown.”

Listen on Spotify below.


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