Beloved Melodies: Dod 316


“Dod 316” band brings a special message of hope and love through their amazing music. The band, made up of the Do Family and Abigail Smith, uses their unique talents to share the love of God. They take inspiration from the word “Dod,” which means “beloved,” and the number 316 from John 3:16.

Each member of the band adds their own touch to the music. Charles plays drums, Antoine plays bass, Alexandre plays piano, Marie-Ève plays acoustic guitar, Hoa plays electric guitar, and Abigail sings. Together, they create beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics that touch the heart.

For “Dod 316,” music is more than just something to listen to—it’s a language that everyone can understand. They want to use this language to spread a message of love and hope around the world. The band has faced tough times, like sickness and grief, but they’ve found strength in their faith and music.

Their songs reflect their experiences, offering comfort and hope to anyone who listens. They want their music to be like a friend, helping people through the good times and the bad. Most of all, they want people to feel the love of God through their music.

“Dod 316” band’s music is truly inspiring, and it’s clear that they put their hearts into every song. Listening to their music is like getting a warm hug from a friend—it makes you feel loved and hopeful. So if you’re looking for music that lifts your spirits and touches your soul, give “Dod 316” a listen. You won’t be disappointed!


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