Attic Theory has unleashed their latest single, ‘PAPIER-MÂCHÉ,’


Attic Theory has unleashed their latest single, ‘PAPIER-MÂCHÉ,’ featuring a special guest appearance by none other than Kevin Martin from Candlebox.

The critically acclaimed Alternative groove rockers are back with their third single, a track that offers an enticing glimpse into their forthcoming debut album, ‘What We Fear The Most.’

In a powerful collaboration, ‘Papier-Mâché’ introduces the unmistakable vocals of Kevin Martin, the lead singer of Candlebox, a rock band that boasts over seven million album sales worldwide.

Renowned for their iconic hits such as ‘Far Behind’ and ‘You,’ Candlebox’s partnership with Attic Theory adds a new layer of depth to the track.

Currently on tour alongside 3 Doors Down and gearing up for the release of their final studio album, ‘The Long Goodbye,’ Candlebox’s presence on this release is a testament to their enduring musical legacy.

Frontman Lewis Wright offers insight into the song’s core message, sharing, “The lyrics of ‘Papier-Mâché’ delve into the concept of concealing one’s authentic self beneath a metaphorical mask, a defense mechanism born from the influence of a once-close individual who attempts to dictate one’s actions.

The remedy offered is to suppress genuine feelings through medication and adherence to someone else’s expectations. The essence conveyed in this song speaks to the strength required to shed that mask, to define oneself independently from the past or others.”

Elevating the song’s narrative is an animated music video by Studface Productions, drawing inspiration from ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’

Set in a dilapidated asylum, the video symbolizes society’s departure from outdated perspectives on mental health. As the band’s members are rescued by an unexpected hero, the visuals resonate with a message of liberation.

Sharing his sentiments on collaborating with Kevin Martin, Lewis expresses, “Having our friend Kevin Martin of Candlebox on this track is an immense honor.

Admiring his musicality for years and being a huge fan of his band, this is truly a fanboy moment for me. It’s a bucket-list achievement.”

The release is presented through Attic Theory’s own label, ThunderGun Records, and distributed by Nova Music Distribution UK.

This collaboration represents not only a merging of musical talents but also a convergence of messages, marking yet another milestone for Attic Theory on their artistic journey.

Stream below.


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